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FoxyRock Pinot Noir is grown in rich soil in Carlton, Oregon. It is hand picked and hard sorted. FoxyRock is a blend of three clones, Pommard,777 and Wadenswil. These clones along with the perfect location to grow Pinot Noir gives FoxyRock it's cherry, blackberry, and spiciness.

"Good wine praises itself."

The ritual of cork presentation dates back to the late 1800`s when root louse devastation to European vineyards severely limited the supply of good wines.
As a result, restaurateurs removed labels on inferior wines and replaced them with lables from superior wines. In order to protect themselves, patrons would check the branding on the cork to ensure that what they ordered was, in fact, what they were served.


Myth 1: Most wines taste better when aged.

The fact of the matter is, less than 5% of wines produced today are meant to be aged.

Myth 2: Wines should be decanted and allowed to breathe.

The answer varies: Young, tannic reds are better when allowed to breath in a glass or decanter to soften the tannins. An older red reaches a stage in its life where it should be enjoyed soon after opening. You might want to allow red to breath only for a short time to dissipate any "off odors." Most white wines are ideally served 10-15 minutes after opening.

Myth 3: When presented the cork, sniff it for preview of what's to come.

There is little to be learning from the cork. The proof is in the wine. When presented with the cork, feel it to check for its integrity, read and match the branding on the cork to the bottle, and set it aside.

Pinot Noir

 The definitive red grape grown in the Burgundy region of France, Pinot Noir has recently found great success in the United States vineyards, most notably Oregon. But, unless you are familiar with the hundreds of wines produced in Burgundy and the States, you can pay dearly for something that is, at best, mediocre. Even more frustrating, few of the finer Pinot Noirs produced in Oregon have found their way out of the region. Bob and Sheri Heilman have tried to remedy that by keeping a good supply of Oregon Pinot Noirs in their 20,000 bottle wine cellar at Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber Restaurant and Bobby’s Bistro in Clearwater Beach, Florida.Their wine cellar has been awarded Best of Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator Magazine.
Like many wine lovers, Bob and Sheri discovered Pinot Noir by way of Burgundy (both the wine and the region).  “When you hit a great Burgundy it’s like hitting the Holy Grail – and you keep looking for it again – but you may never find it,” says Bob Heilman. It was that pursuit that led Bob and Sheri to Oregon, and eventually the venture of FoxyRock Vineyard.
The Pinot Noir grape produces a luscious red with soft textures and no assertive tannins. Think nuances of cherries and strawberries with earthy and vanilla tones. The grape, however is fickle, difficult to grow, hard to turn into a first-rate wine and thus expensive to make. Even knowing that, Bob and Sheri decided to move forward on a 30 year old dream. “We wanted patrons of our restaurants to be able to enjoy a good, yet affordable Pinot Noir,” says Sheri Heilman.

Debut of FoxyRock

The temperamental Pinot Noir grape needs optimum soil , climate conditions, as well as the gifted hands of an experienced wine maker. We raise our glass to our Carlton neighbors, Jill and Brian O’Donnell, whose influence and inspiration efffectuated our first release of FoxyRock in 2001. Brian is still the wine maker of note on our 2015 vintage and has recently bottled 2016.

2017 Harvest!

It’s a beautiful 45* morning in Carlton OR. Bobby Heilman harvesting “2017” Pommard, Waedenswil, and 777 clones of Pinot Noir at FoxyRock Vineyard.
All the ripe fruit taken to Belle Pente with Brian O’Donnell for hand sorting. Bobby said, “There is nothing like it, you haven’t lived until you are covered in grape juice and earwigs.”
FoxyRock “2015” currently on the wine list at the Beachcomber and Bobby’s Bistro.


"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fever tensions and more tolerance"

What led us into the world of growing and producing our own wine? Our passion for Pinot Noir. Of course, it has been said there's a fine line between passion and insanity.

As fourth generation entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of listening to expert advice and appreciate the assistance received from folks like viticulturists Kevin Chambers and Matt Novak of Results Partners. A special thanks to David Paysinger of Blue Water Drilling Company, whose gut instinct and big rig hit the mother lode of potable water on the property. It was David who knew we were sitting on Sexy Soil... hence the name - FoxyRock.


"A good wine is like a gentle kiss. Its effect throughout the meal is scintillatingly sensual in an elegantly understated way."

The Willamette Valley, Oregon's leading wine region has over two thirds of the states wineries. It is recognized as one of the premier Pinot Noir producing areas in the world. Other cool-climate varieties such as Pinot Gris , Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling are equally at home in the Willamette Valley.

The Willamette valley won the 2016 Wine Region of the year awarded by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

FoxyRock is located in the Yamhill/Carlton AVA. The motto for the AVA crafted by our neighbor Ken Wright is " Down to Earth ". This applies to the qualities of our wine which are influenced by the mineral element in our marene sedimentary soils.


"It's not a wine that commands your attention, but rather rewards it."



Small production. High Quality. The number of vineyards has doubled since 2005, yet 70% of Oregon wineries produce fewer than 5,000 cases. In fact , although Oregon produces only 1% of the countries wine. In 2015 & 2016 it earned 20% of Wine Spectator 90+ ratings.



With more than 700 plus wineries and 1000 plus vineyards growing 72 grape varieties, you'll easily find one to suit your taste.

International Pinot Noir Celebration

The IPNC is a three day event, famous around the globe as a Mecca for lovers of Pinot Noir and Northwest Cuisine. During the weekend world renowned wine makers, chefs, media, epicures and wine lovers gather in McMinnville. It is described as "one of the most enjoyable wine weekends in the world ".

For More Information on Wine Country and Pinot Noir

The Vineyard

"It's not a wine that commands your attention, but rather rewards it."

Pinot Noir reflects more pronounced Gout de Terroir, or flavor of the soil, than any other red grape, so the vineyard site selections for FoxyRock was critical. FoxyRock Vineyard is on the same latitude as the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of France. Not Surprisingly, this thirty mile stretch of Burgundy is called the Cote d'OR or Slope of Gold.

FoxyRock, a local expression meaning Sexy Soil is our slope of gold. It's that rare combination of rich earth eleents so necessary for cultivating the Pinot Noir grape. The grape itself is known for being difficult to grow and cultivate. But when everything is right with the world, a great Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate, nose and memory...opening like a flower with each, savored sip. The most appealing quality of Pinot Noir may be its soft, velvet texture. As a full-bodied wine, it is rich but not heavy, neither acidic nor too tannic, with substantial flavor despite its delicacy.

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